Palasa is proud to introduce AMALTAS, a dining experience like no other in the city of Muzaafarnagar. Be it the beautiful art on the walls, the intoxicating aromas emanating from the kitchen, the art of food plating, the light music playing in the background or the impeccable service of our well-trained staff, Amaltas offers an immersive experience to awaken all your senses. The menu focuses on inventive Indian and global cuisine by complementing the flavours of traditional recipes with global ingredients and techniques to excite the adventurous yet satisfy traditional tastes and evoke nostalgia.With traditional and unique dishes paired with an extensive collection of the finest beverages, Amaltas is all set to stimulate, challenge and wow the palates of its diners. Our aim is to bring an immersive dining experience, so far missing in the city. The restaurant provides for a rich ambiance for a sit-down dinner with family with a mesmerizing and radiant decor, backed by a hospitable staff and innovative gastronomical preparations. For intimate small gatherings, we provide the privacy of 2 PDRs, which can accommodate up to 10 guests each. The alfresco seating is surrounded by lush green bushes and beautiful flowers, embellished pretty well with warm golden lights. The semi covered Patio overlooks the lush garden and is the perfect setting for a romantic candlelight dinner with your significant other. To gratify all your senses, we can create a bespoke dining experience in any of the four dining areas with curated signature preparations. So come and awaken your senses!

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